Name of project: Olympic idea links children from partners cities

Serial No.: 21810103

Project description: We believe in saying “Sound in body, sound in mind”. The project focuses on social development realized by physical education to a healthy friendship of young in Europe. We use Olympic missions and we try to strengthen a solidarity and implement principles of healthy lifestyle among children and young. The concept of the Rožnov Olympic Games for children and youth has success in aspect of social development among youth society in Czech Republic. By this project, we would like to go further in this concept, connect up children of different age and different nation, show them advantages of cooperation and solidarity, and show them that is possible to live healthy, regardless on age, social status, race or religion. This project is reaction on topic that demonstrated decrease in the number of children’s physical activities performed. Project tries to be in compliance with and react on Europe, national and regional level official documents results: White Paper on Sport (presented by the Commission), National Sport Development Program for All and Plan to support the development of sport in the years 2015-2017 (presented by CZE), and “The concept of the development of Physical Education and sports in the Zlin region”.

Project „Olympic idea links children from partners cities „ is kindly supported by International Visegrad Fund.


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